Posted on: March 14, 2008 11:27 am

Obama's preachin man

Jeremiah Wright has officially set the African American race back 200 years. Wright goes on and on about how bad we are run by rich white Americans and how bad we are to our black friends? If Bill Gates and his entourage were running America, I could see it. But it's not! Name me 5 reasons as to how we are bad to the black community? The one's selling pot, they're not the government's fault. THEY CHOSE to sell pot because their parents probably didn't tell them that pot and such is bad and illegal! No, Mr. Wright, I've never been called the N word. But, how come your brothers of the same race can use the word to call each other that?! If you want to d@mn America, well then go ahead. It's your right, but don't tell me how terrible we are when you are living here!  

Even though you were a pastor, you have given the ones the preach the word of God a bad name, even though 90% of them are not that bad at all.

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